It is imperative that we work harder then ever to address the safety concerns along Highway 380. 


Some in our town claim that Highway 380 is not our issue since it is a State Highway, but that is not correct.  We can and will do much more to protect our residents along 380. 


As the next Town Council member for Little Elm, I will make Highway 380 a major focus.  Despite being a State Highway, the Town of Little Elm has a major role to play. 


Thanks to the amazing work of the Make 380 Safe Coalition, led by Jessica Dunn and a large group of committee residents, the issues involving 380 have been brought to the forefront. 


Major construction / expansion along Highway 380 is about to commence in January, and we must remain vigilant, and work with our tremendous Little Elm Police Department, Denton County (Commissioner Ryan Williams), Denton County Sheriff’s Department, and TXDOT. 


I will focus on these key areas to make every effort to keep our residents safe along Highway 380: 



1) Push for increased local city/county police and Texas State Highway Patrol presence along Highway 380. This presence can also enforce the reduced 50 MPH Speed Limit during construction. 

2) Advocate for barriers / retaining walls to prevent traffic from drifting into oncoming traffic. 

3) Comprehensive plan to protect school children crossing Navo Road to go to school

4) Repaint street lines to make lanes and dividers more clear to drivers. 

5) Weekly updates from our partners at TXDOT, Denton County, Little Elm Police and Fire / EMS and neighboring cities. 


6) Regular, effective communication to all residents about the construction and enhanced safety measures  along 380 


Together we can help make Highway 380 safer and better for all who travel on it, and for our amazing residents.